What is a CT Scan?

A computed tomography test, commonly referred to as a CT scan, is a test that lets a doctor see inside of a person’s body. The test uses a computer combined with x-rays to get pictures of the bones, organs, and tissues inside of your body. Although it is similar to an x-ray, the CT scan allows the doctor to get a more detailed view than it would otherwise provide. This can be completed on any part of the body, and is usually very quick. Those who have a CT scan note that it is painless and is not scary whatsoever. You will need to find an advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ Center to get the X-Ray Scan, if your doctor does not refer you to a professional.

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The CT scan works by using a narrow x-ray beam circling around an area of your body. This creates a series of images from various angles. The computer uses the information to make a picture in two dimensional views that shows this specific area of your body so the doctor may look at it closely. The doctor will take several pictures of different areas of the body in order to see the areas closely. Once all of the images are taken, they’re stuck together to turn the image into a 3D image.

You will go to the imaging center to have the CAT scan performed. You will be given instructions from the doctor prior to the visit. Follow them precisely as they are designed to keep you healthy and safe during the procedure. However, you shouldn’t worry too much because this procedure is 100% safe. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid eating or drinking or other small changes to your routine. Follow his orders and you will come out of the CT scan with more information than you had before, ready to improve your health and well-being.